Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alexa Traffic Rating

When we first started this site, it was "just for fun". Over the past month, it has become a hobby (that is unfortunately interfering with my MBA) that has allowed me to study, research, and learn more about search engine optimization (SEO), internet advertising keyworks, pay-per-click programs, PageRank, Alexa traffic rank, and a host of many other obscure topics.

After reading a couple blogs about Alexa traffic rank, I realized "I don't even know what is my rank." So, off to where I downloaded their toolbar. To my dismay (although it was half expected), my rank was in the millions, 15,781,310 to be exact. Wow! That's what I said to myself.

So now I am on a search to scour the interwebs looking for tips on how to increase (or decrease depending on how you look at) my Alexa traffic rank.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions, it is much appreciated. Otherwise, I am off to search and I'll try to remember to post back on what I find. I also plan to write here more often (in this and other voices) to report results (hopefully improvements) to my traffic rank.



  1. Users will be able to create their own search engines indexing particular types of data, a single site, or a set of particular sites because now Alexa is giving access to their crawler to the users and the visitors. Alexa came to this conclusion as a result of some tests that they were conducted on their web search platform. By using Alexa’s search and publication tools users can search and process innumerable number of documents apart from being able to create their own search engine. The users can also store large number of web data as Alexa provides compute and storage resources as well. Users can avail of this service by registering for the beta by filling up a form on the site.

  2. Bug report:
    In "hard #4091" for a 4x4 game there is a "9+" section with 4 boxes. This should say 10+.

  3. I find that it does not provide recovery for a puzzle, for instance: Hard #6079.

    How come?

  4. I recently ran all your No-Op kendoku puzzles through a solver I'm working on. 107 of these puzzles have duplicate solutions. Happy to share more info if you want it.